Privacy policy
(Art. 13 EU Reg. no. 2016/679)

The company Errebi Sas di Bicciato Renato & C., in its capacity as Controller with regard to your data, pursuant to applicable regulations, notifies you with this policy that processing of your data will be performed upholding principles of lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose and storage limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, integrity and confidentiality.

Your personal data will be processed in accordance with applicable regulations and the confidentiality rules therein. This privacy policy applies only for the website and not for other website accessed via external links.


  1. Controller.
  2. Joint Controllers.
  3. Data Protection Officer (DPO).
  4. Types of data processed.
  5. Purposes and legal basis for processing .
  6. Automatic decision-making processes; profiling .
  7. Recipients of personal data.
  8. Transfer of data to third countries.
  9. Data storage times .
  10. Rights of data subject.
  11. Complaints.

1. Controller

The Controller is the company Errebi sas di Bicciato Renato & C. (Tax ID 02034340402), in the person of legal representative Dr Renato Bicciato, with registered office at address Via Treviso no. 22 at Sileamed, Silea (TV), Italy, email:

2. Joint Controllers

The Joint Controllers are the companies:

  • Città di Forli’ sas di Bicciato Renato & C. (Tax ID 02031750405), in the person of legal representative Dr Renato Bicciato, with registered office at address Via Maggiore no. 44, Battaglia Terme (PD), Italy, email:;
  • Polbic Institute sas di Bicciato Renato & C. (Tax ID 02457580401), in the person of legal representative Dr Renato Bicciato, with registered office at address Via Stazione no. 119/P, Mirano (VE), Italy, email:;
  • Temabic Srl (Tax ID 03667460400), in the person of legal representative Dr Renato Bicciato, with registered office at address Via Longare no. 1/4, Torri di Quartesolo (VI), Italy, email:;

3. Data Protection Officer (DPO)

The Controller has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who you may contact by sending an email to com for any information regarding the processing of your personal data carried out by the website

4. Types of data processed

BROWSING DATA E.g. IP addresses and domain names of computers used by users to connect to the website, addresses in URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) format for resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file received in response, and the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.).
GENERAL PERSONAL DATA OF USER e.g. name and contact details.
DATA GATHERED THROUGH COOKIES For further information on the use of cookies and similar technology, please consult the Cookie Policy.

Data is processed, using paper and electronic methods, strictly within the limits required for compliance with applicable law and in order to provide the requested services. In any case, all appropriate procedures will be adopted to ensure confidentiality.

The Controller and Joint Controllers will process this data in accordance with applicable legislation, assuming that they refer to you or third parties that have expressly authorised you to provide the data on a valid legal basis that legitimises the processing. With regard to this circumstance (provision of third-party data), you take on the role of independent Controller, assuming all obligations and responsibilities under applicable law. In this sense, you fully release the Controller or Joint Controllers from liability in relation to any dispute, claim, request for compensation for damages resulting from the processing, etc. which may be made to the Controller or Joint Controllers by third parties whose data have been processed on the basis of your use of the Website in breach of applicable regulations.

5. Purposes and legal basis for processing

The personal data will be processed for the following purposes:

Purpose of the processing Legal basis Type of data Mandatory or optional Consequences of refusing consent
Responding to a request sent by filling in the form in the section “Book a visit” execution of a contract with the data subject of pre-contractual measures to this end. General personal data (e.g. name and contact details Optional Inability to book visit online
Browsing data legitimate interest of the Controller for monitoring correct functioning of its website General personal data Mandatory Inability to browse website
Statistical research/analysis of aggregate and anonymous data, without the possibility of identifying the user, aimed at monitoring functioning of the website, website traffic and assessing user-friendliness and interest No processing of data required as data is gathered in anonymous form Anonymous data Mandatory Inability to browse website
Verification, exercise or defence of a right in a legal context, or in when judicial authorities exercise their judicial functions legitimate processing of data in accordance with applicable regulations General personal data Mandatory Inability to provide requested service

6. Automatic decision-making processes; profiling

In the case of processing of personal data performed for the purposes indicated in this policy, automated decision-making processes are not utilised.

7. Recipients of personal data

Your data will be processed by the Controller and Joint Controllers and their employees and/or external personnel, who are specially appointed and bound by confidentiality rules. Your data may be communicated and/or accessed by the following parties:

  • parties whose intervention is required for provision of the services offered by the Website, including but not limited to analysis of website functionality, with these parties acting as data processors for the Controller;
  • parties authorised by the Data Controller who are bound by confidentiality rules or who have a legal obligation to ensure confidentiality (e.g. employees and external personnel of the Controller or Joint Controllers);
  • Judicial authorities in the exercise of their functions where required by applicable regulations.

8. Transfer of data to third countries

The data will not be transferred outside of the European Union.

9. Data storage times

The personal data gathered during browsing on the website will be stored for the time strictly necessary for the purposes indicated above. For example, data entered by you on the “Book a visit” form will be stored until the date of the visit. For further information please send an email to the Controller at or to the DPO at

10. Rights of data subject

With regard to the processing of his or her data, the data subject has the following rights:

  • right of access to own personal data (art. 15 of GDPR);
  • right to rectification of inaccurate data, and addition to incomplete data (art. 16 of GDPR);
  • right to erasure of data (art. 17 of GDPR);
  • right to limitation of processing (art. 18 of GDPR);
  • right to object, entirely or partially, for legitimate reasons, to the processing of own personal data even if it is still pertinent for the purposes it was gathered for, and to object to processing carried out for the purpose of sending marketing or direct-selling materials or for performance of market research or sending commercial messages (art. 21 of GDPR);
  • right to data portability, i.e. to receive own personal data provided to the Controller in a structured, common format that can be read by automatic devices (art. 20 of GDPR).

Requests should be sent by email to the Controller at or to the DPO at

11. Complaints

In the event that you consider your personal data to have been processed in a way that is not compliant with regulations, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the data protection authority of the EU Member State in which you normally reside or work, or the place where the breach is considered to have occurred.

In Italy, this is the Italian Data Protection Authority (Garante per la protezione dei dati personali), with head office at Piazza Venezia no. 11, Rome, Italy, Telephone switchboard: (+39) 06.696771, email:

Cookie Policy

Definitions and characteristics of cookies.

Cookies and similar technology are information that websites and apps send to or read on your devices on your first visit, and which are then resent to the websites and apps on subsequent visits. These technologies enable websites and apps to record actions and preferences (e.g., login data, language preferences, font sizes, other view settings, etc.) so that they do not need to be reset on subsequent visits.

These technologies are used for IT authentication, session monitoring and recording of information regarding the activity of users who access a service and may also contain a unique identification code that enables users’ browsing to be tracked within the website for statistical and advertising purposes.

There are different types of cookies that, depending on their characteristics and functions, may remain on your device for varying period of time: “session cookies” are automatically erased when you close the browser, whilst “persistent cookies” remain on your device for a pre-established period of time.

In accordance with applicable regulations, your consent for the use of cookies is not always required. Specifically, consent is not required for “technical cookies”, e.g. those used solely for the purpose of sending a communication over an electronic communications network or strictly necessary to provide a service that is expressly requested by the user. In other words, these are the cookies that are essential for operation of a website.

Your prior consent is required for “analytical cookies” that are not anonymised and for profiling cookies, e.g. those that provide statistical analysis on the use of a website or create profiles for users to send advertising messages aligned with their preferences expressed while browsing.

While browsing the Website, you will receive the following cookies:
Third-party cookies, i.e. cookies originating from third-party websites or servers and therefore distinct from those of the Controller.

The following third-party cookies are used on the Website:

Google Analytics. These are cookies that enable analysis and improvement of Website functionality. These cookies are anonymised by hiding IP addresses. To deactivate Google Analytics cookies, you can download and install a browser add-on to opt out, which is provided by Google Analytics. This add-on instructs the Google Analytics JavaScript code (ga.js, analytics.js and dc.js) to block sending of information to Google Analytics. The add-on is available for all of the most widely used browsers. For further information on the add-on to opt out of Google Analytics, click here.

How to view and edit cookies through your browser

You can authorise, block or erase (entirely or partially) cookies using specific browser functionality or using third-party add-ons. However, deactivating Website technical cookies may result in certain services or functionality of the Website being unavailable or operating incorrectly and you may be forced to edit or manually enter certain details on every visit. For further information on how to set cookie preferences through your browser, please consult the following instructions:

  • Mozilla Firefox:
    Launch Firefox
    Press the "Alt" key on your keyboard
    On the toolbar at the top of the browser, select “Tools” and then “Options”
    Then select the “Privacy” tab
    Go to “History settings” and then “Use custom settings”. Deselect “Accept cookies in website” and save preferences
  • Internet Explorer:
    Open Internet Explorer
    Click on the button “Tools” and then “Internet Options”
    Select the “Privacy” tab and slide the selector to the desired privacy level (upwards to block all cookies and downwards to allow all cookies)
    Then click OK.
  • Google Chrome:
    Open Google Chrome
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    On the “Cookies” tab, it is possible to deselect cookies and save preferences.
  • Safari:
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For other browsers, you are invited to consult the specific documentation provided by the developer on how to limit or block use of cookies.