Our mission

Squadra Vitainlinea VITAinLINEA, a group of medical centres specializing in weight loss, offers personalized services for the treatment of weight problems, obesity and related aesthetic problems, allowing members to enjoy and savour the finer things in life a conscious way without having to give them up. The doctors, under the Scientific Direction of Dr. Renato Bicciato, deal with individual medical problems through personalized diagnosis and therapeutic strategies. The staff is followed by the coordinator/manager Ms. Giusy Pezzolo. In addition to the medical relationship that is created between the user and the staff, important motivational support is given in order to achieve gratifying, satisfactory and lasting results.

The medical team that works for VITAinLINEA is made up of:

  • a cardiology dietician
  • a specialist in nutrition and internal medicine
  • a nutritionist specializing in sports medicine
  • a specialist in food science
  • a surgeon specialised in nutritional science and dietetics
  • a specialist in sports medicine

VITAinLINEA Group also has an important partnership with Dr Pier Andrea Cicogna, a specialist in Plastic Surgery.

Dott. Renato BicciatoDott. Renato BicciatoGiusy Pezzolo

The proposed method of treatment is multidimensional treatment that includes different types of services. the protocol, which has been designed and developed through continuous study and application, involves a combination of nutrition, heat therapy, aesthetic and cognitive-behavioural treatments. The treatment strategy does not rely on miraculous cocktails but on a correct nutritional lifestyle model.

Results can be seen after just a few sessions thanks to professional staff and high-quality services that are guaranteed by constantly updating scientific expertise. With the experience gained over more than forty years of activity, our centres are safe and peaceful places that are affordable for all, taking care of you and your health. The flexible opening hours of the centres and highly professional medical team enable each individual to achieve their goals and promote a balance of good health, weight and lasting well-being.