Diet and attitudes

Diet and attitudesThe word diet comes from Greek and means "a healthy life style”.

One or more diets?
Contrary to popular belief, following many diets is not good for our body, in fact, a it increases the chances of irrecoverable obesity. The causes are clinical and psychological, and we must be careful not to fall into the syndrome of fluctuating weight, because it greatly increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular, pulmonary and digestive diseases.

How much weight should I lose?
To define the amount of weight to lose, it is important to understand the condition of the overweight individual. The doctor together with the patient set a feasible weight goal suitable for that person.

Diet and attitudesHow often should I weigh myself?
During a weight loss path our relationship with the scale changes and extremely negative attitudes may arise (weighing more than once a day or never weighing ourselves). It is important to note that the scale gives us the total body weight and not the quantity of body fat. During treatment, VITAinLINEA proposes that patients weigh themselves three times a week and only within the offices in order to not create states of anxiety or excitement. However, during the first phase of maintenance, we advise that patients weigh themselves once a day in the morning before eating.